20130301-024753.jpgCloud DJ is pretty ingenious. IDevice owners can now use this app to mix live streaming music from soundcloud without downloading! 

As a DJ for 28 years, I’ve always aknowledged the burden of equipment and records/ CDs. They take up space…

Now you don’t even need to own music. That’s amazing right?

If you want to record your mixes then Cloud DJ is Audiobus-enabled, and you can use it as an input and record it with Audioshare as the output. One could even add a couple more inputs and sample live too:)

Just tried it, it works great! I can go to my favourites on soundcloud within the app and load them up and sync the bpm and mix it up! The sync needs a bit more tweaking by the developer and we are good to go.

So…if I favourite your track, I might well be mixing it!

Go here for more info and the AppStore download/;

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