20130227-181314.jpgSquare B llc have dropped an incredible music app in the iOS AppStore – Vio!

We only review and promote the best music apps that money can buy, and Vio comes with my highest recommendation. Why?

  1. It’s the best voice effector in the AppStore bar none
  2. It comes with incredibly amazing presets
  3. It is visually stunning!
  4. It’s very easy to navigate

What Vio does is pick up your voice via your devices built in mic and TRANSFORMS, MUTATES it in incredible ways.. OK, that’s cool, but what’s the point?

  • Make amazing soundscapes
  • Develop intense basslines or drones
  • Morph your voice into an effect
  • And so many other options..

This app can be used as an invaluable resource to add many layers and dimensions to your music. For now you have to export to soundcloud or grab the recording via email and “open in” Audioshare. Audio copy from there..

I’ve no doubt this app will be a success and we will inform you of it’s future development. So it gets 10 out of ten from me, simply because it’s affordable, slick, sounds amazing and does what it says on the tin!

Vio is Zac Laurent approved; expect it to appear in many future tracks by myself : )

Go here for the video and for the download link:

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